About that Yellowstone Sub-Volcano …

Step back for a moment from Russian predictions and the Israel-Gaza conflict  and those extended attacks on George Bush (which include some of the things that BHO also voted for, nah nah nah) and those over-the-top male-on-male “tingly” articles on BHO’s manly chest or his wretched golf game and ….

We’ve got another (among other) issue to address.  Such as the news out of Wyoming about the super-volcano calamity brewing beneath our national Yellowstone Park  ….

Don’t want to overly-alarm anyone, but this is not the type of situation that can be remedied by campaign contributions or executive orders or the United Nations. 

It’s the real world.  A notch above terrorism and lunatics with nukes and stolen elections and even more critical (uh huh) than the economy or bailouts or George Soros’ Secretary of State project (controlling the folks who count the ballots as an effort to subjugate voters who cast ballots). 

More here.  On the Yellowstone volcano, that is.

Sorta reeks of reality.  You know — the world around us?  That is, if you put down the remote long enough to read or glance at the geophysical maps.  

It’s that type of real-world reality that tells us that there are some events we can’t control.  No matter how much attention we give to unions or to vote recounts or to the prez-elect’s manly pecs  …..


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Joe Knows Obama —

Joe sees beyond the Obama hype and rhetoric.

How about you?

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Romney Wins in Iowa

No doubt — if either Rudy or John or Fred! thought they had any chance of beating Romney’s grassroots organization — they would have been there.

 Who has ever heard of a legitimate candidate for the most significant office in the world NOT participating in a historic straw vote????

Well done, Team Mitt.   You deserve the victory.  May there be many more ……

 And if Mitt’s message is the one  delivered in Aimes yesterday — there will be.

Godspeed, Mitt Romney. 

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The Bipartisan Facade

The truth of the immigration reform bill — called the (George W.) Bush – (Ted) Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill:

As numerous commentators already have warned, the proposed legislation will offer amnesty to millions of illegal aliens currently living in the United States — something both Democrats and big business Republicans want, Democrats because these future voters will overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party and its welfare state agenda, big business Republicans because they want to be able to employ low-cost immigrant labor without any legal repercussions.  In addition, the bill establishes a “guest worker” program to import hundreds of thousands more poor, uneducated, low-paid workers — again, something both Democrats and big business Republicans want, for the reasons just given.  Lastly, the bill provides for increased border security — something ordinary Americans want — desperately — but which we all know will never happen under our current federal leadership.  Until our political and economic elites take border control as seriously as the rest of us do, millions of illegals will continue to stream across the border looking for work and waiting for the next round of “legalization.”  — from American Thinker

How sad.  How sad that taxpayers will, again, be burdened with paying the trillion dollar bill for this political facade. 

Our only hope is that this bill is defeated — to be revived when a new, less self-serving and more innovative administration is in place. 

Our immigration system needs reform.  But not via secret meetings orchestrated by partisan parties. 

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Political Cut Backfires in Greensburg

“The poor response thing is just political BS,” Greensburg resident Mike Swigart, 47, who lost his house and four vehicles from the storm, told wcbstv.com in an exclusive interview. “I saw her on television and I’m disappointed in that because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

Swigart is referring to comments made by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, criticizing the Bush Administration’s lack of response to the tornado after-math.

Swigart says the general feeling around the town is that residents were overwhelmed by the immediate response, and that the governor’s fuss was for her own good. White House press secretary Tony Snow responded to Sebelius by saying that there was no request by Kansas officials for extra equipment, and that if there is anyone to blame, it’s her.

“I was told she wanted to run as vice president on the Democratic ticket, and honestly, I wouldn’t vote for her if they paid me because of that one thing she said on television right there. It was a political slam is all it was,” he said. “It was a political statement and as far as the military thing overseas, I support what they’re doing over there, and the military that came here is doing a great job too.”

Meanwhile, the net is talking about allegations that Howard Dean and leading democrats contacted the Governor and instructed her to criticize response time — laying blame on the Bush administration for sending critical troops and equipment to Iraq.

Gull has a summary at Perish the Thought.

Typical BDS.   Bush Derangement Syndrome — Basic Democrat Strategy:   pander the safety and security of Americans to discredit George Bush. 

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Recognizing Romney

You gotta give the man credit.   He must be doing something right.  He’s being hit from almost every news outlet and every party-liner.   But he keeps on ticking and pushing forward.

Before long — his name will be known across media-land.  His attackers will multiply.  Why?  One fundamental reason:  He is the most competent, capable candidate on the slate for the Presidential election in 2008.   Even if Fred! finally decides to throw his hat into the GOP ring. 

I’ve been posting about him on my blogdrive site, but it’s not propagating well — even with links from a few popular sites.  

It’s more than vanity, btw — I’m not a high-roller blogger.   I simply believe that America needs Mitt Romney.  Now more than ever.

Get used to his name.  Mitt Romney.  Practice:  M-i-t-t  R-o-m-n-e-yMitt Romney.  Soon you’ll be hearing it more and more …..

Why do I (and most of my associates) support Mitt Romney?

Because it is truly time for a change — a re-thinking of how to protect and safe-guard America and her resources.

Immigrationhas been an important part of our nation’s success. The current system, however, puts up a concrete wall to the best and brightest, yet those without skill or education are able to walk across the border. We must reform the current immigration laws so we can secure our borders, implement a mandatory biometrically enabled, tamper proof documentation and employment verification system, and increase legal immigration into America.”

“American values are at the heart of America’s historic rise to world leadership. These include, among others, respect for hard work, sacrifice, civility, love of family, respect for life, education and love of freedom. To remain a superpower in the world we must continuously and vigorously reaffirm these key components that have led to America’s greatness as a country.”

“I am pro-life. I believe that abortion is the wrong choice except in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother. I wish the people of America agreed, and that the laws of our nation could reflect that view. But while the nation remains so divided over abortion, I believe that the states, through the democratic process, should determine their own abortion laws and not have them dictated by judicial mandate.”

We must become independent from foreign sources of oil. This will mean a combination of efforts related to conservation and efficiency measures, developing alternative sources of energy like biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear, and coal gasification, and finding more domestic sources of oil such as in ANWR or the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

Today’s schools are falling further and further behind world standards. It is time to raise the bar on education by making teaching a true profession, measuring progress, providing a focus on math and science, and involving parents from the beginning of a child’s school career.

Because It’s time for proven leadership outside the traditional box that has been crafted by self-serving electioneers promoting — not national interests — but their own petty, personal political vendettas.

The Federal government must stop its borrowing and spending binge. The debt is a burden on our economy, our currency, our foreign policy, and our future. This is beyond pork barrel spending. We must address entitlement programs – not just to save money – but to give Americans confidence in their future.

“I don’t want to add entitlements. I want to find ways to reform our entitlement programs.”

“Every legislator and politician knows [special interest] spending can’t be justified, so why do they do it ? Because it gets politicians praised — and re-elected. There’s no courage involved in spending more money. Drawing a line on spending is hard and fraught with criticism.”

Because Mitt Romney is a person of faith, driven by the passion to serve  — untainted by the passions of greed or self-aggrandizement.

Because Mitt Romney’s personal and professional career reflects  unwaivering loyalty and commitment to the achievement of objectives and goals.

Romney served as president and CEO of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games held in Salt Lake City. In 1999 the event was running USD$379 million short of its revenue benchmarks. Plans were being made to scale back the games in order to compensate for the fiscal crisis. The Games were also damaged by allegations of briberyinvolving top officials, including then Salt Lake Olympic Committee (SLOC) President and CEO Frank Joklik. Joklik and SLOC vice president Dave Johnson were forced to resign.[10]

On February 11, 1999 Romney was hired as the new president and CEO of the Salt Lake City Games.[11]Romney revamped the organization’s leadership and policies, reduced budgets and boosted fundraising. He also worked to ensure the safety of the Games following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 by coordinating a $300 million security budget.[12] Despite the initial fiscal shortfall, the Games ended up clearing a profit of $100 million. Following the conclusion of the Games, President George W. Bush praised Romney’s management.[13]

Romney contributed $1 million to the Olympics, and donated his $825,000 salary to charity.[14]

Because Mitt Romney’s tenure as Governor of Massachusetts is a testimony to his leadership prowess and capabilities in bringing a state from the brink of bankruptcy to a state which, in four years, replenished its monetary reserves, cut duplicitous and excess funding, expanded its social welfare services, developed “universal” health care for citizens and strengthened its law enforcement presence — without raising taxes.

Because Mitt Romney understands the role of economic growth — nationally and internationally — as critical to our nation’s welfare and future.

“America’s tax code is a labyrinth that imposes an enormous and unnecessary burden on our citizens and employers. Keeping taxes low and simplifying the code will grow the economy and enhance our competitiveness.”

“I said no to a tax hike; raising taxes hurts working people and scares away jobs. I also said no to more borrowing; borrowing just shifts our problems to the backs of our kids . . . Instead, I went after waste, inefficiency, duplication, and patronage.”

China and the rest of Asia are on the move economically and technologically. They are a family oriented, educated, hard-working, and mercantile people. We must be ready and able to compete. This means ensuring our children are educated to compete in this new market, our trade laws are fair and balanced, and our economy and tax laws welcome new investment. If America acts boldly and swiftly, the emergence of Asia will be an opportunity. Trade and commerce with these huge new economies can further strengthen our economy and propel our growth. If America fails to act, we will be eclipsed.

“We have to keep our markets open or we go the way of Russia and the Soviet Union, which is a collapse. And I recognize there are some people who will argue for protectionism because the short-term benefits sound pretty good, but long term you kill your economy, you kill the future. What you have to do in order to compete on a global basis long term is invest in education, invest in technology, reform our immigration laws to bring in more of the brains from around the world, eliminate the waste in our government. We have to use a lot less oil. These are the kinds of features you have to invest in, you have to change in order to make ourselves competitive long term.”

Our national investment in technology comes from both the private and public sector; however corporations today spend more on tort liability than they do on R&D. While the government already invests heavily in defense, space and health technologies, it is time to invest substantially in technologies related to power generation, nanotechnology, and materials science.

Because Mitt Romney recognizes that global unity against jihadism is founded in our military might and in expanding our diplomatic relationships.

“Radical, nuclear Jihad is the greatest threat that faces humanity. It cannot be appeased. It can only be defeated.”

“The defeat of this radical and violent faction of Islam must be achieved through a combination of American resolve, international effort, and the rejection of violence by moderate, modern, mainstream Muslims. An effective strategy will involve both military and diplomatic actions to support modern Muslim nations. America must help lead a broad-based international coalition that promotes secular education, modern financial and economic policies, international trade, and human rights.”

“As our military men and women fight against violent, radical Jihadists in Iraq, the Democrats need to stop pleading for surrender. At last night’s Democratic debate, and in yesterday’s vote in the United States Senate, Democrats waved a white flag to our enemies and our troops.”

– Expanding And Accelerating Actions To Combat Nuclear Terrorism. The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, which was launched last year, was a good start. Yet our efforts need to be greatly accelerated and expanded. Combating the threat of nuclear terrorism needs to be a top Presidential priority.

– Empowering A Senior Ambassador to Lead Efforts To Prevent Nuclear Terrorism. Governor Romney would appoint a new Ambassador-at-Large to Prevent Nuclear Terror. He or she would have the authority and resources needed to work across government agencies and departments to ensure that our strategies both here and abroad are coordinated.

– Making Nuclear Trafficking A Crime Against Humanity. Governor Romney would promote an international initiative to develop a new body of international law making nuclear trafficking a crime against humanity, on a par with genocide and war crimes. With universal jurisdiction, charges can be brought up in any court, preventing traffickers from hiding in complicit or weak countries. Already, people have been caught attempting to smuggle nuclear materials for sale on the black market. Their acts should not be dismissed as routine violations of the law.

– Creating A Gold Standard For Nuclear Security. Nuclear power can be inexpensive and clean. Countries seeking to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes should reaffirm their commitment to non-proliferation. For years, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty has been at the centerpiece of this effort. But because of recent technological and political developments, we need to update our efforts for the 21st century, including a new commitment to stringent security regimes.

– Frank, Direct Efforts With Russia On Containing This Threat. Governor Romney believes we must engage Russia in a frank and open discussion about the serious and disturbing turn of events in their country. At the same time, we must continue to partner with Russia in securing their vast amount of nuclear material. Russia must play a central role in any effort to prevent nuclear terrorism.

– Removing The Incentive For Dangerous Civilian Nuclear Capabilities. The United States should take the lead in organizing and financing an international fuel bank to guarantee low-cost supplies of nuclear reactor fuel to countries willing to adhere to heightened security and safety standards. Working with the International Atomic Energy Agency, this initiative would promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy while providing new safeguards against diversion of fissile materials to terrorists.

Because Mitt Romney IS from a “data driven, highly analytical, debate intensive background” … concentrated on ensuring that this great country remains the world super power.”

We need Mitt Romney.  Now more than ever.

Mitt’s message (paraphrased): ‘I’m an executive. I’m for lower taxes and lower spending. I’m against activist judges. I’m tough on terrorism. I’m an American optimist. (Also, I’m handsome and charismatic and I can speak passionately without sounding shrill and nasally.)”

“To me, the bottom line is this: Which of the candidates is the most qualified, has the strongest record, will champion our conservative values, will make needed changes in Washington, and has the best chance of leading our party to victory in 2008? That person is clearly Mitt Romney.”

Hard to argue with any of the above. 


And I look forward to watching his opponents try!

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Moving in ….

I’ll be transferring all my transferrable data from “the other” Perish the Thought as soon as I have the time ….

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Hello world!

Just arrived …… Not sure how or when I’ll be moving in officially.  Not that it matters, either!

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